There is a Lot of Gap Between Theoritical Knowledge what we studied in the Colleges and the Practical Knowledge which is Happening in day to day Life. In this Practical Manual Strucrual designs(RCC) course you will Learn all the Fundamental concepts of Latest Structural Designs, how to start designing when you get a Plan from Architect till completion of the Project.E-TAB will help the students to do the Structural assignments is a quick and better way.
Scope & Career

Scope & Carrer of E-TAB

  • Construction
  • Structural
  • Orientation of Columns
  • Deciding Columns/Beams/Slabs positions
  • Load Calculations,
  • Different Types of Slabs/ Beams/ Columns/ Footings
  • Designing of Slabs/Beams/Columns/Footings/Staircase

  • Career of E-TAB

  • Commercial Buildings needs E-TAB
  • Airports needs E-TAB
  • Shopping Malls  needs E-TAB
  • Hospitals , Office complex needs E-TAB
  • Residential buildings needs E-TAB
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs E-TAB
  • Oil & gas need E-TAB
  • Off shore Industry needs E-TAB
  • Refinery needs E-TAB
  • Industrial plants needs E-TAB
  • Energy sector needs E-TAB
  • Chemical process needs E-TAB
  • EPC industry needs E-TAB
  • Consulting engineering needs E-TAB
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs E-TAB
  • Project & Construction needs E-TAB
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs E-TAB
  • Power plants needs E-TAB